BALANCE Financial Fitness Program

Spectrum Credit Union (Spectrum) has partnered with BALANCE, a financial education and counseling service, to offer members FREE financial education and counseling from certified, unbiased, and objective credit counselors.

BALANCE credit counselors can help you avoid or resolve financial problems, develop a spending or savings plan, improve your credit rating, plan wisely for the future, and achieve your goal of purchasing a home.

BALANCE provides online calculators (home and personal financing, investment, retirement, and lease)  to help you answer common financial questions such as "Should I refinance?," "How much can I afford to borrow?," "What will my payments be?," and "How much money will I save or earn?" 

Between these calculators and the almost 30 online financial calculators Spectrum provides, you're sure to find the financial calculator you need!

Sign up for BALANCE's free monthly email newsletter, "Quick Tips," and receive the latest information on money management, credit reports, housing, and other financial education topics. Visit their website to read their quarterly financial newsletter "Dollars and Sense."

Learn how to "balance" life's financial demands. Call BALANCE today at 888-456-2227, being sure to identify yourself as a Spectrum member, or visit them online at

If you have any questions about this FREE service, please stop by your local Spectrum branch or call us at 510-251-6000 or toll-free 800-782-8782.