The CurrencySpectrum's monthly member newsletter (eConnection/The Currency) includes:

  • Financial Tips
  • Fraud and Security Information
  • Spectrum Product and Promo Details

eConnection/The Currency

pdficon_small July 2019 The Currency
pdficon_small June 2019 The Currency
pdficon_small May 2019 The Currency
pdficon_small March 2019 The Currency
pdficon_small February 2019 The Currency
pdficon_small January 2019 The Currency
pdficon_small December 2018 eConnection
pdficon_small November 2018 eConnection
pdficon_small October 2018 The Currency
pdficon_small September 2018 eConnection
pdficon_small August 2018 eConnection

Annual Reports*

2018 Annual Report

pdficon_small 2017 Annual Report
2016 Annual Report
2015 Annual Report
2014 Annual Report

*Annual Reports are for Chevron Federal Credit Union, Spectrum's parent organization.

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