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As a valued member of Spectrum Credit Union, we are committed to providing the necessary security measures to keep your financial information safe. We have helpful tips and recommendations on how you can protect yourself while using online and mobile banking.


How to Protect Your Information


How Spectrum Protects Your Information


software Keep Your Software Updated

On a regular basis update all of the operating systems, software and browsers on your computer and mobile devices.


antivirus Using Antivirus Software

Install security software on all computers and mobile devices to protect your personal data against viruses and malware.


identitytheft Identity Theft

This occurs when someone gains access to your personal information and uses the information without your knowledge or consent. Click here for more information on how to protect yourself from identity theft.


password Password Management

Select strong passwords. Do not reuse the passwords or use the same password for multiple sites or devices.
security Layered Security

Our online and mobile banking platform uses a multilayered security structure to protect our applications and networks.


encryption Encryption

Spectrum employs the highest security protocols to ensure your online and mobile transactions are secure and prevents data from being accessed by unauthorized parties.

fraudmonitoring Fraud Monitoring

Spectrum has an in-house team that exclusively focuses on protecting and safeguarding your accounts, transactions, and data.


education Ongoing Education

Our newsletters contains helpful information on how to safeguard your financial information. Click newsletters for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What controls are used to prevent unauthorized access to my account?
Online banking and mobile banking use multifactor to authenticate users at login.

How does Spectrum keep Online and Mobile Banking information (including login credentials) secure?
Our Online and Mobile Banking platforms do not store any information in the user's device or the Web browser cache. All data is securely transmitted to servers using Transport Layer Security (TLS).

Does Spectrum use challenge questions on the mobile channel?
No. Answers to challenge questions can be discovered or guessed easily. Instead, we use one-time passcodes (OTPs) sent out via SMS or phone calls.

Should I install software to find and remotely wipe my mobile device?
In the event your mobile device is lost or stolen, you should be able to remotely wipe your data to prevent unauthorized access. Install and configure an app that will let you remotely locate and wipe your phone ( example: 'Find My iPhone' for iOS devices).

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Need Help Now?

We're here and ready to help you, day or night.

phone 800-782-8782

email Spectrum Email Form*

*If you are a Spectrum member and need to send or receive sensitive account information, please log in to Online Banking or Mobile Banking and transmit your message via Secure Email.

Report a Lost or Stolen Card

To report a lost or stolen credit card: 866-633-9958

To report a lost or stolen credit card (outside U.S.): 701-461-1878 (call collect)

ATM/Debit Card - send us a Secure Email from Online Banking or Mobile Banking, or call us:

To report a lost or stolen ATM/debit card: 800-782-8782, Select Option 2

To report a lost or stolen ATM/debit (outside U.S.): 212-444-0986 

Traveling Abroad
If you are traveling, set a Travel Notification online or by calling Spectrum at 800-782-8782, so you'll be able to use your credit and debit cards seamlessly as you travel.

Change Password or PIN
Change your password or PIN online anytime by logging in to Online Banking.

Suspend Account
If you believe you have been a victim of fraud and you want us to temporarily suspend your account, call us at 800-782-8782.